Friday, 4 August 2017

My Summer Beauty Essentials

Every Summer I always struggle to pick beauty essentials to go on holiday with and I end up taking pretty much my whole makeup collection, which has grown massively (shamefully) in the past year, therefore not being a viable option anymore for me... This year I decided I was going to be a strong, independent woman who don't need no huge makeup collection on holiday and just take the bare essentials.

I ended up taking one of each product (apart from lipsticks) and was surprised by the fact that I didn't terribly miss my makeup collection at home and got on just fine! Since coming back from holiday I have still continued to use three products in-particular from my travels religiously and I couldn't help but share them.

Tarte - Tartelette in Bloom Palette
Everyone under the sun that has a slight interest in beauty has heard about this palette and it is no surprise, it's bloody brilliant. I can not fault this palette in any way. The pigment is a very high standard across all shades from light to dark to shimmer. The packaging is not only beautiful but strong and sturdy enough to have travelled a 24 hour door to door trip to and from London and Phuket, Thailand without smashing. The colours in the palette work seamlessly together and offer a fantastic selection of colours. I have had this palette for quite a while now and loved it but this summer it has become a true essential and my go to palette to take with me for trips away without question.

Nars Pure Radient Tinted Moisturiser
I tried this tinted moisturiser in February in Selfridges and loved it but knew that because it was so radiant it was more of a summer 'foundation'. As soon as my holidays begun, i.e. as soon as I got to Heathrow duty free, this bad boy was miiiinneeeeee. Ever since that day I have sworn by this product. Don't be fooled by the fact that it is advertised as a moisturiser, this product can pack some decent coverage on without ever looking cakey. On 'no makeup days' I literally just pop a blob of this on my index fingers and massage it in with my hands, as you would a moisturiser. Immediately you have subtle even coverage and a super healthy glow, it's gorgeous. It also doesn't melt off of your face or become absorbed, it's incredibly low maintenance for a beautiful radiant finish. For summer, this is a MUST (aka game changer).

Urban Decay Afterglow 8-hour Highlighter - Sin
Not sure what it is about my face but it just looks dull 24/7. Must be my pale, british skin. Highlighter combats that though for me and I can't leave the house without it, like ever. My best friend Laura actually picked this up for me for my birthday and ever since I have been loving it. It compliments my skin tone with a radiance that is natural but buildable enough to get that strobing effect if you really want it. I've seen some people saying this highlighter isn't very pigmented but I genuinely believe that you just have to give it a couple goes at first, because now that I've gotten passed the top layer of the highlighter it definitely has more pigment than when I first used it. I always get asked what highlight I'm using when I wear this one!

I really hope you guys enjoyed this post! Have you tried any of these products? What are your Summer makeup essentials? Tell me down below in the comments, I'd love to know!

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  1. Hey Rhaea, my summer essentials would probably have to be; a travel tangle teezer as my hair gets frizzy in the summer months (when we have any sun that is) and makeup wise I love the two faced better than sex mascara (waterproof is good for the pool) oh and the too faced natural love palette. It's pricey but soooo worth it! xo


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