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Limited Edition Look Fantastic Caudalie Box

As soon as the email arrived in my account saying that Look Fantastic were doing a limited edition Caudalie box I knew I had to have it. The box had a value of £98 with of products but for just £35 I couldn't pass up the opportunity to get one before they sold out!

Caudalie is the only skincare brand that I use now, having discovered it about a year ago and slowly discovering more and more products by them since then. They're cleansing oil is something I recommend to anyone. It takes off all your makeup quickly and gently as well as getting rid of any impurities in your skin, this product helped my acne immensely but I'll go into detail about that in another post. I also recommend the Moisturising Sorbet which I use every day and couldn't be more obsessed with the results I've had from it. Fortunately, a full size moisturising sorbet comes in the box  which is the main reason I decided to get it as I knew I was going to have to repurchase it pretty soon anyway. Here are some brief descriptions of the products I received in my Caudalie box and how I have gotten on with them so far.


"The formula made up of micelles which trap impurities in the skin (sebum, pollution, oil & traces of make-up) so they can be wiped away easily." 

Now, I am really not a fan of micellar waters. In fact, I have hated every single one I have used in the past with a passion - yeah I know, don't kill me. They are full of way too many harsh chemicals for my sensitive skin and leave my face stinging, feeling sore and dry. That was until I tried this one. This micellar water is the most gentle one I have ever tried. It takes off my makeup really well without feeling like i'm just spreading it around and doesn't leave my face feeling too tender, I absolutely love it. I use the micellar water either when I'm barely wearing any makeup to take it off or in the morning when I wake up to help me feel fresh. I use my Caudalie cleansing oil to take my makeup off on days where I am wearing my standard daily makeup look, which admittedly probably uses more makeup than it should.. #catfish #wutyougunnadoaboutit


"Thanks to its "quick break" technology, this gel-cream turns into water on contact, helping soothe, moisturise and strengthen the skin."

As I established before, I have already used this product before, and therefore knew I loved it before purchasing the box. For some reason, I purchased this moisturiser on a whim, despite not knowing anything about it previously and I am so happy that I did! It's amazing! The way the cream turns into water upon contact with your skin blows my mind, it sinks in very quickly but still leaves your face feeling nourished. Because it is a sorbet rather than a cream, it doesn't result in your skin feeling like an oil slick when it comes to apply your makeup afterwards. This product truly is a god-send and if you have dry and sensitive skin like me then I urge you to give it a go, you won't regret it.


"This gentle, soothing cream visibly alleviates dark circles and smoothes the eye and lip contours, for a refreshed, energised look."

I'm someone that hugely suffers with dark under-eyes no matter how many hours of sleep I get. It's usually a chore having to use 3 concealers to cover the darkness up enough so that my eyes don't look horribly sunken. Now that I have started using this little beauty on the reg I only have to use one concealer to be able to feel comfortable coming out from under my rock - it's great! This eye cream soothes my sensitive eye area and makes me look more refreshed by brightening it subtly, I don't know how it does it, but it does (probably witchcraft). 


"This night cream works to stimulate cell renewal to reduce pores, correct dark spots and smooth out imperfections."

This is a product by Caudalie that I have never used before. I love it though, it does exactly what it says on the tin. When I wake up after using this my skin is radiant and my pores are reduced, it makes me look like I have had 8 hours sleep when I've probably had about 3! I'm going to continue to use this product a couple times a week and see if it continues to correct my dark spots and dull looking skin. 

"Its 99.3% natural clay formula draws away impurities and toxins. Skin texture is left refined, pores are tightened, the complexion is even."

This award winning mask really is something to rave about. I love using this the day after a night out to give my skin a fresh layer and get rid of any toxins. It makes my skin feel as smooth as a baby and tightens my pores so much that they are barely visible. What's even better about it is that it doesn't irritate my skin at all like so many masks do, its beautiful!

"Both effective and natural, this anti-dark spot serum boosts radiance and helps even the skin tone."

I have been wanting to try this product for so long but couldn't justify spending £45 before actually seeing if it worked. I now know that once this mini version runs out I will be marching into my closest Caudalie supplier and grabbing the full size serum off the shelf! I adore this product in combination with the moisturising sorbet. What a lot of people don't know, that I learnt while being a beauty adviser on a counter myself, is that moisturisers can only sink down to 3 layers out of the 5 that are in your skin, whereas a serum is absorbed by all 5 layers and therefore improves the effectiveness of your moisturiser, boosting the radiance and healthiness of your skin. I can slowly but surely see my acne scars fade more and more as I use this product, which is what drew me to the serum in the first place. I would always recommend using a serum in your skincare routine, however if you have particularly dull, tired, dry or oily skin, I would 100% recommend you to try this one by Caudalie! The glow you your skin has after use with the moisturiser is just beautiful.

That brings us to the end of my thoughts on the Limited Edition Look Fantastic Caudalie Box! The box is now sold out unfortunately, however you can still read more and purchase the products I have talked about in this post by clicking on the title of each product.

Have you tried any of Caudalie's products before? What ones are your favourite? Comment down below and let's have a chat!

Thank you so much for reading,

Rhaea x


  1. I haven't tried this brand before but it sounds really good x


    1. I genuinely can't recommend it enough! Do you have any beauty dilemmas at all with regards to your skincare that your looking to resolve? X


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