Sunday, 14 May 2017

L'Oréal's Brand New Miss Baby Roll Mascara Review

This mascara has been flying off the shelves since it's release on the 12th of April. I managed to finally pick up my own  about two weeks ago, it was actually the last one left at my local Boots. What drew me to purchasing this mascara wasn't just the dazzling reviews I'd seen but also the fact that it advertises an all day lasting curl as well as volume. Now, if you are a long time reader of my blog then you'll know the struggles I've had with my lashes. I have such straight, stubborn lashes that may as well point downwards as no matter what I do, I can never get a nice, all day curl from them. Not even LVL lashes worked for me, which you can read more about my experience with here.

This mascara however, has been drawing me ever closer to my dream of flawless, fluttery lashes. It gives my lashes a lot of lift with only a couple swipes, I don't even have to use my lash curlers anymore! It's incredibly pigmented and doesn't imprint or flake off so it really does last all day for me. It gives my lashes amazing volume and a curl I didn't even realise I could achieve from my lashes! The formula of the mascara is very lightweight and not clumpy which is another thing I look for in a mascara. The unique applicator design gives for easy application as well as that beautiful, lasting curl.

I'm getting my brows done on Monday don't worry...

I haven't found any negatives at all with this mascara, I can't even complain about the price, being £7.99 from Boots and SuperDrug, not to mention I got a free, super cute eye mask with it! I've had similar results from mascara's costing over £20 but who has that kinda money to be spending on mascara every few months, not me for sure! I feel like i've hit the nail right on the head with this mascara and might even have a new holy grail!

If you have stubborn lashes like mine that can't hold a curl then you NEED this mascara in your life! And if you don't have stubborn lashes then you still need to try it as it will give you the most gorgeous fluttery lashes you could ask for! I've seen images of people trying it when they already have curly lashes naturally and the results are incredible!

Have you tried this mascara yet?

Thanks so much for reading!

Rhaea x


  1. I have THE most stubborn eye lashes ever, I've never found a mascara that works for me😂 This looks amazing though❤️🙌🏼

  2. So do I! You should definitely give it a go as it isn't too expensive and worked for me and my super stubborn lashes! 💕


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