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A Letter To My Land Rover

I know what you're thinking, this probably isn't the usual blog post you read on a Saturday afternoon, I mean why write a letter to your car? Seems a bit weird.. I've always blogged about what I feel strongly about and this post I no stranger to that. Yes it's not your average post, and yes it might not get as many views as a makeup product review, but I want to write about my Land Rover and thank it for giving me a childhood only some could dream of, so that's exactly what I'm doing.

I remember the first time I saw our 'Epsom Green', Land Rover Discovery V8-ES. My mum picked me up from school in it and I instantly fell in love. I was four or five at the time and had never had an interest in anything else other than ponies until I got into the front passenger seat and sat down on the perforated leather and admired the mahogany accents on the inside of the door. It was beautiful. I loved everything about it, from the heated seats, to the roar of the V8 engine when the ignition was turned. I loved it so much and was so fascinated by it that a few weeks later I got in the drivers seat and pretended to drive it myself. As far as I remember, it was a fun game to play by myself until I unknowingly pushed the hand-break down and begun rolling down the hill of my house's drive...

The Land Rover in Spain

Being a family of 5, the Land Rover become an integral cog in our family spending time together. Without it, we never would have been able to travel to so many different places. For example, every summer we used to go as a family to a gîte in St.Malo, France. It was a tiny little village in the french countryside, somewhere we never would have been able to get to without the Land Rover. We've also driven the Land Rover to the Alps to go skiing multiple times, something which any normal car wouldn't be able to handle as well, the Land Rover never gave up on us and gave all it's might to climb the mountains even in a blizzard. It's not uncommon that the Land Rover plays part of the backdrop in our family photos as you can see from the images I've shared with this post.

George and I cooling the Land Rover down with our water guns...

Soon after purchasing the Land Rover, we purchased a caravan and I think that's when the real memories began. We begun camping in the New Forest every summer, which later evolved into camping in the south of France and then Spain etc. Despite myself and my two brothers growing up constantly, we never outgrew it. We are now 24, 22 and 19 and I'm still fairly sure we'd all fit in the back seats. Not only was the Land Rover a cognitive part of our family holidays but it also brings to mind memories such as when we first brought my old dog, Molly home. It's as if the car was just as much of the family as any one of us with the amount of joy it gave us without us even realising it at the time.

Camping with the family and the Caravan

Nowadays the Land Rover sits in the driveway, quietly awaiting it's next adventure. Last year my brother, George, drove it to Glastonbury festival and back, this summer I'm hoping to take it to the Lake District. Of course by now the Land Rover has aged slightly and could probably use a bit of TLC to bring it back to life again but it's still going strong. I've always said that I will never allow my dad to sell it or part-exchange it, if anything we will get the V8 engine taken out and turned into a coffee table for display in my future home.

Probably waiting to get on the boat to Calais to go to St.Malo

What intrigues me most about our Land Rover is how, no matter how much it's aged, it coincides with Jaguar Land Rover's values through and through. You can see the Integrity, Understanding, Excellence, Unity and Responsibility that's gone in to create it, despite it being so old now. You can also see that with the new Velar as well but in it's own way. Speaking of the Velar, I definitely have got a new dream car that hopefully won't be just a dream in a few years.

I am so sincerely grateful to have had the discovery give me a childhood to look back on with a huge smile, it might not be worth much money in this modern day but it's sentimental value is priceless and I think that's what really matters. Jaguar Land Rover are known for creating timeless models with unquestionable quality and we definitely received that and more with our immortal car. The overall mileage on the car is 110,000 miles, that's driving around the world 4.5 times... and it's still going.

Thank you so much for reading this slightly different post, I hope you enjoyed it,

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