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18 Things I've Learned in 18 Years

I've been 18 for a while now, 11 months to be exact. But I thought now would be a good time to write this post after learning a very valuable lesson over the past month or so.

1. Don't use your mums two year old fake tan
We all love a good fake tan right? My personal favourite at the moment is Bondi Sands Liquid Gold, thoroughly recommend it. It took me a long time and many learning curves to realise how you should and shouldn't apply fake tan. One of those learning curves was when I was in year 9 and the Summer term had just begun. I don't know why I fake tanned, I just did and of course unexperienced little 14 year old me ended up going to school smelling like a biscuit with the streakiest tan you'd ever seen - I'm talking orange and white zebra print here not golden goddess. The worst part was that this tan wasn't a wash off one, it was like I had full on dyed my skin and it lasted for about 2 weeks.

2. Don't die your hair brown 
 I have been blonde pretty much all my life and get my hair highlighted and toned about 2 times a year. I get bored though very easily however and one day I randomly picked up a box of ash brown hair dye and did it myself. Well what do you know, it went ginger. Now, I love ginger hair and am jealous of the people that suit it, however I do not suit it... at all.

3. Don't try and do monkey bars one-handed
If you're asking why I even attempted to do monkey bars one-handed because surely that's impossible, let me tell you it's not. Throwback to year 3 when I was in primary school, there was this girl called Jemima that could do it and I would always be so so jealous of her so one day decided to try it myself. Obviously uncoordinated little me fell off on the first bar and fractured her elbow. Funny thing was that the teachers didn't even believe I had done anything to my arm, despite me not being able to move it at all and being in serious pain. I had to go the whole rest of the day in agony until my mum picked me up and realised I needed to see a doctor, I changed schools very soon after that incident.

4. Travelling is the best thing you can do 
I've never felt like I know who I am better than when I am travelling. I don't know what it is about it that just makes you so self aware when you're travelling but it just does to me and that's one of the things I miss the most about it. Travelling and seeing different places is the best investment I believe as the memories you create are priceless.

5. Don't shut your animals in your room with you, they'll hate you for it
I used to do this all the time when I was younger, I used to think it would make them realise how fantastic company I am and make them love me but it never did... Now every time one of my animals walks into my room or follows me on their own accord it genuinely makes me feel overjoyed.

6. If you feel unsure about something don't do it
This is a very relevant point in my life right now. It kind of speaks for itself really. If you're unsure and not 100% certain you want to do something, don't do it as most of the time it will end in regret or wasted time. Listen to your gut.

7. Do what makes you happy 
This sounds so obvious but I think so many people forget about it. You don't have to please people all the time if all it's doing is making you unhappy. Make your own decisions and lead your own life, if you let someone else live it for you then you are risking getting to the end of your life feeling like you never really lived at all.

8. Sometimes we all have to be a little selfish
This kind of goes along with the last point but is slightly different I feel. Throughout my life I have always struggled putting myself first and doing things for me rather than for other people. I would feel guilty about doing something for myself to make me happy when I could be pleasing other people. I still struggle with this however I think I have gotten better at it. It was my brother that actually said the exact phrase 'sometimes we all have to be a little selfish' and it was probably about him eating my food or something but the sentiment still rang true. Only a little selfish though, no more than that.

9. Don't set yourself on fire to keep others warm
I always want to be there for people no matter what, I never want other people to feel alone as I know what that feels like. But it gets a point where if you're closing up and not talking about how you feel to other people then the darkness and loneliness inside of you will start eating you alive.

10. Don't use hair straighteners on Bratz dolls
Just don't ok. It will ruin the straighteners.

11. Don't put nail polish on your forehead
I don't know why I did this as a kid at 7 years old, was probably a 'do it for the bant kind of thing' to my own self - lol at my riveting childhood... It was a mistake for two reasons. The first reason being I looked like a right idiot, and the second reason being that it stained my forehead and my mum had to use nail polish remover to rub it off, damaging my skin for life.

12. Don't ditch all your best friends for a boy
I don't really feel the need to say anything more than that. Relationships in school definitely do not last forever and when they end you are going to need to have people to surround yourself with.

13. Don't hide your feelings
Whether you feel happy, sad, unwell, in love or even regretful about something or someone don't hide it. One of the most important feelings not to hide is when you like or love someone because if you never tell them then you will never know what could of been and live your life in wonder. It's always nice to be told that you are loved so don't hold back from saying it.

14. Rumours are called 'rumours' for a reason
The only reason why rumours thrive and spread is because people give attention to them and if you let them define you then you're only giving people more reason to believe them. A rumour is just hearsay and the best way of dealing with them that I've learnt is to just shrug them off your shoulder, people will believe what they want to believe at the end of the day and there's nothing you can do to change that.

15. The nasty things people say about you says more about them than it does about you
If people are nasty to you when you have given them no reason to be whatsoever it is usually just a representation of their own problems and who they are not you. Just ignore it.

16. If something doesn't seem right it is usually because it isn't 
Humans are meant to be instinctive creatures, if something seems like it's too good to be true or that things are going a little too well then you should be wary. Keep your wits about you so that when things start going downhill, you can quickly remove yourself from that situation. There have been a million and one times when I've gone along with something even when it doesn't feel right and I always end up regretting it.

17. Don't let yourself drift apart from good people
I haven't just learnt this through my own personal experiences but i've learnt it through others as well. It sucks when someone lets themselves drift apart from good people who love them and care about them for whatever reason whether its a new girlfriend or a new job etc.

18. Don't let the person you're with define your worth
I learnt this the hard way unfortunately. I put everything I could give into one particular person, all my love, care and affection, my only ambition in life was to see them smile because when they smiled it made me feel like I was worthy. And then when they broke up with me it made me feel completely and utterly worthless, like I had no purpose whatsoever. I will never make the same mistake again.

Thanks so much for reading!
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  1. Hey Rhaea!
    I love this post. Just wanted to let you know that I referenced it in a blog post today:

  2. Oh wow I did such a similar thing on the monkeybars and hurt my elbow as well when I was little! It used to be cool when I was young to see how many monkeybars you could fit in between as you were swinging to the next one, I tried to fit 4 between the next one I held onto and I ended up falling on my elbow and breaking it!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode


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