Tuesday, 6 December 2016

The Most Beautiful Event...

On the 1st of December this year I attended an event, hosted by Lydia Elise Millen at the Monica Vinader Duke of York Square store in Chelsea, London. Having already met Lydia before I knew it was going to be a good evening!

Prior to the event my so called partner in crime, Harry, and I spent the day doing some Christmas shopping for our families. It wasn't a huge success but the event that was to come made the journey up to London totally worth it. After having a whopping dinner at Planet Hollywood in Piccadilly Circus we then hopped on the underground to Sloane Square.

When we got to the event I was amazed. Having never been in a Monica Vinader store before, I was stunned by the beauty of all the jewellery. Whenever I go to an event I always like to take the time first to appreciate the brand before I meet or talk to the 'speaker'/'person of interest'. It interests me so much to see what, in this case Lydia, thinks about the brand and why she loves it so much that she is more than happy to collaborate with them. Lydia is famously known for only ever showcasing the brands she loves and the products she feels passionately about, which is one of the many reasons why she is my favourite blogger and youtuber.

It was very quick and easy for me to see why she loves Monica Vinader, the whole brand itself is immaculate. The Duke of York Square store we were in was not only beautifully decorated with Christmas decorations but the layout of the store itself was magnificent. There are so many beautiful displays of not only jewellery but stunning, stones and gems. The jewellery itself is incredibly unique and can be personalised with any kind of engraving you desire - even your own handwritten note or drawing! I'm not going to lie there are quite a few things that are now on my wishlist since visiting the store, however I was treated to something quite special on the night with the help of the kindest and most helpful staff that made the whole experience even better.

Harry treated me to this beautiful necklace, making full use of the exclusive on the night discount! We also got it engraved on the same night with a special date of ours. I haven't taken it off since.

Once we had finished drooling over (not literally) the beautiful jewellery and making a cheeky purchase pour moi, we got in the queue to say hello to Lydia. I don't know how long we waited, all I know is that in the time between joining the queue and actually talking to Lydia we had both drunk a fair amount of prosecco.

Fortunately Ali, Lydia's also blogger and youtuber boyfriend, was there. Harry watches all his videos and reads his blog so had his own questions to ask him with regards to fitness and how to keep motivated. Me on the other hand, probably spent half the time in 'awe' of Lydia's Bvlgari Serpenti Forever shoulder bag... I'm sorry I really couldn't help myself, it is my favourite bag in her collection and I genuinely haven't seen a more beautiful bag before in my life. I also spoke to her about her cat, Lumi, because being the crazy animal lover that I am I couldn't not, and then I simply thanked her for doing everything she does, including both her and Ali taking the time out of their busy schedules that evening to give something back to their followers and subscribers through hosting the event. I said that I hope she realises how great she really is after everyone that attends her meet-ups, including myself, to support her. I was very aware that there were still a couple people behind us that were yet to say hello to her and the event had already gone over by about 30 minutes so I didn't speak to her for very long despite probably being able to for a good few hours on end! That's the thing about Lydia, she seamlessly gets along with everyone that she meets and comes across more genuine and down to earth than most people I've met in general whether they are 'famous' or not. I could probably gush over her for a good few paragraphs but I won't, dont worry. If there's one last thing I will say about Lydia, it's that every time I meet her it's like a breath of fresh air and a wave of motivation for me to keep striving for what I want to do with my life , where I want to get to in there future and the person I want to be.

All in all it was a beautiful evening with beautiful jewellery and beautiful people and I can't thank Lydia, Ali and all the staff at Monica Vinader enough for it.

Lydia's Blog - http://lydiaelisemillen.com
Lydia's Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/user/lydiamillen
Ali's Blog - http://aligordon.net
Ali's Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4ZKWbtWVdTMh3VCZe3xiYw
Monica Vinader's Website - http://www.monicavinader.com

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