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#5 Places to see in London at Christmas

I don't think I have ever expressed on my blog how much I love London. I tend to go there usually for events, big shopping sprees, gigs, but most importantly I go there for Christmas shopping for my family. During my time up in London I try and see as many places I can to make my time worth while there, here are some of my favourites that I like to see at Christmas time:

Winter Wonderland
This is what London is famous for at Christmas and you'll either absolutely love it like I do or question the hype. There's so many rides to go on that are bound to give you, and whoever you are with, an adrenaline high, there are hundreds of stands offering mulled wine and waffles (the waffles are amazing and make the whole journey there worth it in my opinion), there are games and competitions where you can win anything from a teddy bear to an Ps4 or new iPad, theres also ice skating which I am yet to be able to comment on as I'm terrified of ice skating seeing as I am Bambi on ice and can't skate for my life, despite having lessons with a professional... It honestly is a beautiful set up in the middle of Hyde Park and I always find someone to go with each year. It is expensive though however to go on the rides and play games, but there isn't any entry fee which makes it fair I suppose. I personally recommend you wrap up warm and go when it gets dark as that is when it looks most magical with all the lights.

Oxford and Regent Street
The best places for shopping in London in my opinion, especially at Christmas because there is literally every shop you could ever dream of there (pretty much). It is also beautifully decorated with christmas lights. I love walking up and down these roads and taking the christmassy atmosphere in while doing my shopping, it has become a tradition and is one of the places that identifies London for me.

I love Harrods. I definitely have been in there on more than one occasion just to have fun pretending I can afford everything in there... It's one of those places that makes me feel lucky to live so close to London. It is beautiful, and I mean seriously beautiful, the building is totally immaculate on the inside and the outside, but I feel only at Christmas time does it truly come to life. Each year when I go up to London for my Christmas shopping I start off with Harrods, entering through the big glass and chrome doors and heading straight for the greatest department of all. The Christmas department. For the past 5 years I have collected the Harrods collectable baubles that say the name of each year to gift to my Granma. They are really special and tend to be limited with regards to how many they create each year so if you see one, snap it up straight away as they sell out quick!

The Christmas Markets
There isn't a particular Christmas Market that I love as they tend to change around during Christmas time. You can find all the information about when they are running and what they are selling here. There is something for everyone to be found as well as some great bargains! Not to mention it's a great way to see a different side to London, aside from the glamorous designer shops and busy streets. I love the markets, my favourite ones that I have been to have been in Covent Garden, Leicester Square and in and around Camden.

The Royal Ballet's The Nutcracker
This is something I haven't done but wish to do some day. It has been rated as an outstanding 5* performance that is innovative and beautiful. I have such a strong appreciation for all things ballet since doing it as a child, The Nutcracker is also one of my favourite stories and I believe would be the perfect Christmas experience to add to a day out in London. It is at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden, another place that looks stunning whether it is Christmas or not. You can find out more information here. Tickets are sold out on the website however you should be able to find more tickets through second hand retailers.

Let me know what your favourite things to do in London are!

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