Monday, 24 October 2016

Dani Beauty Lashes Review

You may or may not, although you probably have, heard of a Youtuber named Danielle Mansutti. Since the day I subscribed to Dani's channel I have had a growing amount of admiration for her. Her videos are unique in the sense that her vlogs are beautifully artistic and cinematic and her main channel consists of videos that cover a wide range of topics, from mental health to a slaying makeup tutorial. She's one of the few youtubers that truly fascinate me with how real they seem to keep things and how forever grateful they are for all the opportunities they get. Not to mention, she find and retweets the greatest memes of all time.

Anyway so with that being said I'm sure you can now understand why when Dani said she was releasing an eyelashes range I went a little crazy... I hadn't had the money previously to be able to invest in the lashes since I was saving up to go travelling last Summer, but since she released some new styles and I received my student loan, I took the plunge and ordered 3 different styles.

I ordered the styles Flirt, Admirer and Wonder. It took me so long to pick which ones I wanted when I was ordering as they are all so beautiful but I decided I would go for ones which I would wear for different occasions.

I have so far tried Flirt and Wonder and am absolutely loving them! They are incredibly easy to apply and have a clear lash band, which is what I hate about most lash brands! The clear lash band means they look more natural and less fake without compromising application or staying power. The lashes feel weightless on the eyes, like you aren't wearing them at all, even when you apply them right into the inner corner of your eye you can't feel them. I honestly couldn't rave about these lashes enough. I am OBSESSED.

Wearing the 'Wonder' lashes by Dani Beauty

The lashes cost me £18.93 including shipping. That equates to just £6.31 per pair. Considering they are delivered all the way from Australia I would say that is pretty good bargain, not to mention the quality of them is on another level to all of the ones I have tried that are sold here in the UK.

If you want some of the most beautiful, faultless quality eyelashes you have ever tried then click then visit and grab yourselves some!

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